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Delicious Treats

Red Vines Lemon & Blueberry

Red Vines Lemon & Blueberry

Delight your palate with NEW Lemon Blueberry Candy Straws, one of the latest innovations from RED VINES®.

Try a fun & festive treat that is perfect for filling Easter baskets and candy jars.

Featuring vibrant colors and NEW fruit flavors, these soft & chewy straws are an awesome addition to springtime festivities

Red Vines Raspberry

Dazzle your taste buds all spring long with NEW Red Vines Easter Raspberry Twists.

Each soft & chewy licorice twist holds an abundance of scrumptious Raspberry flavor, the latest flavor offering from RED VINES®.

This fruity-sweet licorice treat is the perfect addition to Easter baskets, candy jars, and pantries.

Red Vine Raspberry Straws
Sour Punch Easter Straws

Sour Punch Easter Straws

Experience the sweet thrill of SOUR PUNCH® Easter Straws in 4 fruity flavors: Blue Raspberry, Grape, Fruit Punch & Lemon.

These soft and chewy candy straws are the perfect addition to your Easter snack lineup.

Stock up and munch all spring long on signature sour sugar coated candies.

Sour Punch Easter Twists

Assorted SOUR PUNCH® Easter Twists make for a truly egg-cellent snacking experience.

Individually wrapped and 2-inches in length, these soft & chewy twists are perfect for filling plastic Easter eggs and baskets.

Taste the sweet tingle of 4 bright and fruity flavors: Grape, Lemon, Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry.

Sour Punch Twists
Sour Punch Easter Mini Bites

Sour Punch Easter Bites

3.5oz Theatre Box
Sour Punch Easter Mix

Sour Punch Easter Mix

35oz Bag
Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies Pouch

Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies

2.5oz Pouches
Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies 8oz

Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies

8oz Bag

Recipes That MakeYou Say Mmm…

Red Vines Breakfast Charcuterie Board

There's the average charcuterie board, then there's the Red Vines Breakfast Charcuterie Board! Featuring yogurt and granola-covered Raspberry Twists & Lemon Blueberry Straws, you can feel good about munching on this unique Easter snack.

Red Vines Easter Basket Cupcakes

Get a handle on this: Red Vines Easter Basket Cupcakes with NEW Red Vines Raspberry Twists and Lemon Blueberry Straw handles! This simple recipe caters to your taste buds and imagination for a super stellar Easter treat.

Red Vines Giant Skillet Cookie

The only thing better than a cookie is a GIANT cookie. Featuring Red Vines Easter Raspberry Twists alongside fresh raspberries, this Giant Skillet Cookie is a fruity-sweet indulgence that is perfect for sharing with a pal or two.

Sour Punch Easter Egg Cookies

An egg-citing treat that is as fun to make as it is to eat! This Easter Egg Cookie recipe featuring Sour Punch Easter Straws is something the entire family will enjoy crafting. Punch them up by decorating in your own unique way!

Lemon Raspberry Red Vines Bars

Sweet, tart, and oh-so-smart for spring! These Lemon Raspberry Bars featuring new Red Vines Raspberry Twists serve as the perfect addition to any Easter dessert table.

Raspberry Red Vines Whoopie Pies

Whoopie for Whoopie Pies! Dig in to a vibrant and airy springtime snack featuring flavorful NEW Red Vines Easter Raspberry Twists.

Whole Grain Waffles with Berry Compote

Who doesn’t love waffles with a better-for-you twist? These delicious whole grain waffles with berry compote feature our beloved Red Vines Made Simple Mixed Berry Twists. Make Easter morning extra special with this sweet breakfast treat (and continue making it all spring long)!

Mixed Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

“Easy like Sunday morning” takes on a whole new meaning with delectable Mixed Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars! This super simple, super sweet recipe features Red Vines Made Simple Mixed Berry Bites and is the perfect grab-and-go powerup for everybunny this spring.

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Granola Bars

Dark chocolate, almond butter, and Red Vines Made Simple…oh my! This Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Granola Bar recipe features a trifecta of delightful flavors. Whether preparing snacks for Easter or simply trying a new treat, this recipe should make everyone in the house happy!

Activities For Fun

Painted Red Vines Eggs

Incorporate your favorite Red Vines classic candy into this timeless Easter tradition.

Red Vines Planter

Enjoy nature indoors with this super fun and environmentally-friendly activity.

Red Vines Rope Basket

Using just a few supplies, turn your leftover Red Vines jar into a versatile treat container.

Sour Punch Cable Knit Basket

All out of Sour Punch Twists? Transform the tub into a stylish Easter basket or decorative tote.

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